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Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events


Designing the Difference: Giving Your Hardware Startup a Creative Edge

presented by Y Studios - SF Design Week

What sets design-oriented companies apart? This event is a lively panel discussion on how design makes good business sense. Four of Y Studios’ clients—Chime (Chai Brewer), Marble (Ground Delivery Robot), VAVA (Bluetooth speakers and Dash Camera) and Voga Coffee (Batch Coffee Brewer)—will talk about how design helps them create products and customer experiences that elevate their businesses. Hear about the founders’ journeys and experience their products at the demo session.

Date: Tuesday June 20, 2017

Venue: Y Studios

Time: Panel Discussion from 4 - 6 PM (registration required), followed by our annual Summer party from 6.30 - 9PM

Event info and registration here:

About San Francisco Design Week

SF Design Week spans the entire Bay Area from Silicon Valley to the city of San Francisco. With more than 60 studio tours and 200 events throughout the week featuring world-renowned designers, entrepreneurs and innovative thought leaders.

Y Studios Events

At Y Studios, we are always hosting or attending interesting and engaging events within the industrial design industry. For more information on our current and upcoming events, feel free to give us a call at 415-863-3623.

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Past Events

Past Events

Past Events


VAVA + Y Studios Red Dot Awards Celebration

Sponsored by Y Studios and VAVA

As VAVA's creative partner, Y Studios is instrumental in the creation and development of the brand identity and industrial design for a collection of VAVA products. Our close collaboration resulted in three distinguished Red Dot Design Awards for the VAVA Voom 21, VAVA Voom 22 and VAVA Dash Cam. We celebrated our two most recent 2017 Red Dot Design Awards with a party where guests can sample the products in experience zones - Dash Cam in a Smart Car and Voom 22 in our cool vintage trailer. Thank you all for coming out and partying with us! 

About VAVA

VAVA brings meaningful innovation to modern lifestyles. From award-winning speakers to breakthrough car cameras, VAVA products are created to make life simple for all users, and improve lives with product ideas that can be shared and enjoyed by everyone.

San Francisco Hardware Startup Meetup

Sponsored by Accomplio

Y Studios is hosting the SF Hardware Startup Meetup on Thursday February 16, 2017 from 6 to 9PM. More info and RSVP here

Brinc IoT Hub Speaker Series: Fireside Chat with Wai-Loong Lim

presented by brinc iot hub hong kong

What makes good design, good. Join our CEO, Y, for a fireside chat on Friday February 17, 2017 at Brinc IoT Hub in HK. More info and RSVP here

San Francisco Internet of things Meetup

Panel Discussion included: Y STUDIOS, ACCOMPLIO, AUTODESK AND Fictiv

Y Studios and Accomplio hosted a San Francisco Internet of Things Meetup in our Mission studio. There was a panel discussion about Resources and Best Practices for Product Development. 



A Perspective on Dualism: An Enhanced Perception of Self, Sense and Sensibility in the Material World. Dualism is harmony in oppositions. Our relationship with the natural and manufactured world encompasses opposing and complementary forces. It is complex, conflicting and yet harmonious and symbiotic. Dualism represents a new flexibility in thinking and communicating about the fundamental aspects of life. We presented a perspective on key macro movements, cultural signals and aesthetic expressions inspired by Dualism.

About Mesh Collective

Founded by Y Studios, Mesh Collective is a global alliance of creative professionals with a diversity of expertise in Brand Strategy, Socio-Cultural Research, Trend Forecasting, CMF Strategy, Material Research and Development, and Manufacturing Technology. We have a shared mission to provide a seamless approach to research-driven design innovation and new product development: from macro strategy to design implementation and production feasibility.

If you are interested in learning more please contact

Y Studios Summer Party 2016

Our Annual open house party

During San Francisco Design Week 2016, we threw a party, opened up the studio and celebrated the launch of our new website and of several new products over the past year. There were FREE drinks and appetizers, including Let's Be Frank hot dogs! 

See pictures from the party on our Facebook Page

Party People - Y Studios

More Events

More Events

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