By: Y Studios


SOJOURN is a series of mini zines by Y Studios. We explore a diversity of travel motivations and discover new movements that are changing the landscape of travel and hospitality. This is Issue 05: Adventure. Sports. It explores some extreme journeys favored by adrenaline junkies.

We travel for pleasure, we travel for work, we travel to learn about other cultures and how people live.

It is in this spirit that we are inspired to amass a collection of exciting travel currents from around the world to provide a brief glimpse of enticing places to go, things to explore and adventures to experience.

Each SOJOURN issue captures directional signals of travel experiences that best exemplify innovative choices available to the modern traveler today. As the travel industry continues to evolve and change, we will continue to monitor and interpret what might be the implications for the consumer and business.

SOJOURN 05: Adventure. Sports. explores some extreme journeys favored by adrenaline junkies.

This report was originally published on in May 2011.

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