A collection of special themed reports on the cultural landscape of emergent macro socio-cultural influences and micro cultural movements that transform lifestyles, mindsets and attitudes.

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WGSN Special Report: Urban Consumers in High Density Cities

The world is experiencing unprecedented urban growth, where cities are home to more than half of the world’s population today. About 3 billion people currently live in urban areas, 6 out of 10 people will live in a city by 2030. Experts predict the world’s urban population will double by 2050.

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WGSN Special Report: Generation Z

Generation Z is a global and diverse generation who come from a wider mix of cultural backgrounds. Their world is one fluid digital space where new media, virtual friends, and the power that comes with technology influence them as consumers.

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WGSN Special Report: The Connected Home

Objects are getting smarter around the home, playing an integral role in managing our lifestyle needs. Companies are responding to this burgeoning growth of activity tracking. Familiar household items have been rejuvenating with technological upgrades, while Home Automation systems have further advanced to enable intelligent devices and apps to work in synch to make home life easier to manage.

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WGSN Special Report: Luggage Lifestyle

The luggage is a receptacle of movement and change, an essential component of human passage through time and geographical distances. As simple keepers of our everyday essentials, the luggage is a mobile container for our lives on the go, and it addresses new parameters of lifestyle necessity with each modern incarnation.

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WGSN Special Report: American Furniture Design: A New Frontier

A confluence of socio-economic and cultural factors has driven a collective desire to celebrate America’s cultural heritage. There is a growing movement among independent furniture designers to form small companies or collectives, with a common goal of bringing the romance of craft back into furniture making.

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WGSN Special Report: Multifunctional Furniture in a Versatile Home

More and more people are gravitating towards city centers and smart growth efforts in urban planning are in full swing all across America. This new lifestyle demand has huge implications and presents opportunities for architects, designers, home developers and manufacturers to create products and experiences that satisfy changing lifestyle needs.

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WGSN Special Report: Outdoor Synergy: Future Living

Smart growth core technologies and new city infrastructures will inevitably influence and change the way we live at home. New parameters of lifestyle needs will be defined from the outside-in, where consumers will continually seek out more flexibility in open space layouts and energy efficient  features in their homes.

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WGSN Special Report: The Transitional Home

In our hyper-connected world, we are able to access information and services, anytime, anywhere and any way we choose, on demand. As consumers, we are faced with more and more complex decisions everyday. Our experiences have become more central but fragmented at the same time, as we continue to draw from multiple points of reference. Liberated from the need to be in one place, using one device and doing one thing, we are in better control over how and when we want to consume. Overall experience will reign supreme.

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