By: Y Studios


Y Studios is a regular features contributor to WGSN, a London-based online design intelligence and research service for fashion and lifestyle industries. This is a special themed report commissioned by WGSN Homebuildlife.

The Quantified Self movement is a growing phenomenon where a global collaboration of users and toolmakers share an interest in the personal meaning of personal data. These personal informatics tools help people gain self-knowledge about one's behaviors, habits, and thoughts through self-reflection and self-monitoring. It also goes by other names such as living by numbers, personal analytics and self-tracking.

In a similar development path, objects are also getting smarter around the home, playing an integral role in managing our lifestyle needs. Both start-ups and established brands are responding to this burgeoning growth of activity tracking.

Familiar household items have been rejuvenating with technological upgrades, while Home Automation systems have further advanced to enable intelligent devices and apps to work in synch to make home life easier to manage.

This report was originally published on in June 2013.

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