By: Y Studios


Y Studios is a regular features contributor to WGSN, a London-based online design intelligence and research service for fashion and lifestyle industries. This is a special themed report commissioned by WGSN Homebuildlife.

Smart growth core technologies and new city infrastructures will inevitably influence and change the way we live at home. New parameters of lifestyle needs will be defined from the outside-in, where consumers will continually seek out more flexibility in open space layouts and energy efficient  features in their homes.

When we think of the outdoors, we embrace the different elements of nature like sun, air, water and earth. The symbiotic relationship among these elements form many fundamental ideas in outdoor living – the fluid transition of indoor outdoor living spaces connected by pools of water, air and water cooled energy efficient architecture, or the vertical gardens that changes the urban landscape – the synergic possibilities are endless.

This report was originally published on in October 2011.

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