VAVA Voom 21

Whether you are at Coachella in California or at Club Berghain in Berlin, being embraced by music is an emotional state of being. The sensational feeling of a wall of sound wrapping you up and transporting you to fantastical places – that was the original inspiration for VAVA Voom 21 by Y Studios.

Voom 21 embodies an iconic design for those passionate about sound. It is simple to use and can even charge your phone. The speaker grille tastefully surrounds the body to showcase its honest form, while the pure silhouette of the top and bottom panels is recognizably inspired by high-end audio equipment. With a 4.0 stereo speaker and a 10W subwoofer, this ultimate sound companion allows anyone to create an extraordinary environment for a gathering of friends, or a night with someone special. 

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