Asians in America have become a prominent influence in shaping the new American identity. They are the majority minority in many parts of the United States, infiltrating into various professions – most notably in the creative fields like arts, fashion and food – where they are being recognized as major arbiters of good style and taste in mainstream America.

This phenomenon is explored in diverse categories e.g. Food, Design, Business and Politics, all published under Y Studios’ YZINE, a series of mini-zines that explore a diversity of inspirational cultural movements that influence the way we live, work and play. 

Y Vision Insights on Asia America - Y Studios


Comparative Analysis is a validation tool that evaluates business models and product categories related to the consumer lifestyle, aspirational needs and consumption attitudes. It is a conducive way to provide a comparative overview of the business and cultural landscape. This enables us to explore new perceptions on branding experiences, identify new business models and categories of relevance, as well as challenge existing expectations of consumption attitudes.