A collection of observations on our city, our world, and how we navigate through a constant flux of transitions and transformations. 

How Our Environment Influences Our Life

Our environment continually influences our lifestyle, our decision-making process and the way we interact with the world around us. We tend to seek out environments with qualities that make us feel comfortable physically and psychologically. This level of comfort is influenced by many aspects of our lives, including our cultural background, political views, economic status and cross-cultural understanding of other environments.

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Fabulous Five : Inspirational San Francisco Businesses

We often meet wonderful people who inspire us, innovative brands that are truly making a difference and fascinating ideas that energize us as people and designers. We want to remember and celebrate these trailblazers for their vision, their courage and for making the world a better place.

This is the first installment of our Fabulous Five series.

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Hyphen Magazine: United States of Asian America

This visual mapping explores the cultural landscape of Asian American settlement and communities across the United States. It focuses on migration patterns since the late 1990s, and how these Asian communities have propagated new influences in mainstream American culture.

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8 Things I Learnt While Working in China

Working in China with Chinese people takes a lot of gumption and experience. It is also about relationship-building and trust. Our founder, Wai, is on the ground in China several times a year on behalf of our clients. He shares what he has learned there.

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