Consumer behaviors continually evolve with lifestyle influencers. We help our clients understand new consumer behaviors that revolve around key generational and gender differentiators in diverse segments of consumers e.g. Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z etc.

Insights can be derived from informal interviews with industry experts and consumers, as well as from Comparative Analysis on lifestyle needs which we can use to create Persona Stories that help define new categories of consumers.

Y Vision Consumer Insights - Y Studios


Understanding cultural influencers in consumer lifestyle choices is key to discovering new consumer passions. Insights from informal interviews with key target consumers are further enhanced by analyzing iconic representation of these hypothetical consumers within the cultural context of their environments.

Y Vision Persona Analysis - Y Studios


CMD Strategy is a holistic synthesis of research, design and CMF insights into a cohesive methodology that provides vision and guidelines for the development of a robust design language. A comprehensive CMD Strategy is fundamental to the ID process and needs to be at the front end of the design development cycle.

Y Studios is well-versed in developing optimal CMD programs that integrate CMF recommendations into ID concepts for a more comprehensive approach to design language development that help create product differentiations and increase success rate in a competitive market.

CMD Strategy - Y Studios


Designed in collaboration with Sonos, this limited edition PLAY:1 was created to celebrate Blue Note Record’s 75th Anniversary. Y Studios worked closely with vendors spanning both sides of the Pacific to get the colors just right. Together with a custom paint applicator, we innovated on new ways to apply an ombré effect that has never been seen before on a consumer electronics product.