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Y Studios journey with Xiaodu Zaijia, China’s own version of Amazon Echo Show

China’s phenomenal adoption rate for smart speakers makes it a market to watch for future developments in this space. In particular, Baidu has seen a 711 percent quarter-on-quarter growth in China’s smart speaker market in the space of one quarter alone. Our close collaboration with Baidu and Ainemo allowed us to be in the trenches with them as they ride on this success.

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Why Innovation Is Crucial to Successful Product Design

For designers, innovation seems to lie somewhere in a mythical land of creative diligence and artistic musings. It is as indefinable as it is imperative to producing quality work for clients, time and time again. Yet what is the true innovator's manifesto? What does innovation in product design really mean, and how can designers break it down to deliver better end products to their targeted consumers? We set out to answer these questions with real, concrete — and maybe even some innovative — answers.

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Fabulous Five : Inspirational San Francisco Businesses

We often meet wonderful people who inspire us, innovative brands that are truly making a difference and fascinating ideas that energize us as people and designers. We want to remember and celebrate these trailblazers for their vision, their courage and for making the world a better place.

This is the first installment of our Fabulous Five series.

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