By: Y Studios
Category: PULSE


Blue Note Records celebrated their 75th anniversary in 2014 with the Sonos PLAY:1 Blue Note Limited Edition. 

The speaker’s finish features a vertical fade from dark navy to cerulean blue, reflecting the deep bass to the richly detailed highs and lows that people know and love about the PLAY:1.

Y Studios is proud to be a part of the journey. Designed in collaboration with Sonos, we co-created the blue ombre CMF (Colors, Materials and Finishes) concept and worked closely with vendors spanning both sides of the Pacific to get the colors and effects just right. 

Together with a custom paint applicator, we experimented and innovated on new ways to apply an ombré effect that has never been seen before on a consumer electronics product.

Seven gravity-fed atomizing spray nozzles were used in the paint process of the grills to apply the shades of blue perfectly on to the perforated metal surface.

Congratulations to Sonos and our vendors for making this bold move. We’re pretty jazzed about this labor of love!