By: Y Studios
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San Francisco Design Week 2015: 20 questions with Y Studios!

1. What's your studio's design philosophy?

We believe in utility, beauty and meaning for everything we design – to create simple joys that people will love to use and keep around for a long time to come.

2. What motivates you to do great work?

Creating meaningful connections that touch people deeply

3. What’s your studio’s superpower?


4. What’s the first project your company worked on?

A computer tablet design for Philips Electronics.

5. How do you go from concept to finished product?

We believe in an integrated approach where we use research to get to know the market and consumer, before we design the most optimal solution for them. A thorough follow-through from concept to production is key, and we have the experience of working with factories to ensure the original intent of the design is implemented during production.

6. Where does the team find inspiration? How do you keep the team inspired?

We always encourage our designers to take time to embrace their surroundings and find beauty in the everyday mundane. True inspirations prosper when you keep it real.

7. What keeps you up at night?

Thankfully, nothing.

8. What medium have you never worked with but would like to try?

Ceramic and textile.

9. What does your leading designer’s / CEO’s desk look like?

It’s a hot mess.

10. What's a typical day like at your office?

Organizing chaos, multitasking in multiple projects, slow down for chai at 4pm.

11. Does the firm have a mascot / sacred room / nicknames / anything quirky?

No need for gimmicks, just honest good work. 

12. What project has had the biggest impact on you?

All our projects have been fun and we learn so much from each one of them. We’re constantly looking for the next big thing.

13. What are three things you believe in right now?

Not just right now but always…grace, integrity, curiosity.

14. What are you currently fascinated by? How is that feeding into your work?

Always fascinated by the mercurial qualities of human behaviors and how that continually evolve over time. Knowing exactly whom you are designing for is always challenging and exciting to discover.

15. What excites you about the future of design?

It is encouraging to see that the value of design is gaining more public awareness and importance amongst businesses. Good design can only happen when there is mutual respect and appreciation of complimentary expertise. We need to build a closer collaboration between business leaders, designers and product development folks.

 16. How does San Francisco influence the work you do?

Embracing city life always energizes the soul and inspires the mind. Emerging technology, extraordinary food, mesmerizing multi-cultures, beautiful Pacific Ocean, heavenly outdoors, the creative energy and entrepreneur spirit…they are all here and make for a potent brew of inspiration. 

17. Any upcoming, exciting projects you can talk about?

Y Studios is organizing a series of Salons and neighborhood walkabouts in the summer and fall. Email for more info.

18. Wine, liquor or beer?


19. What are studio’s tips for other designers out there who may just be getting started?

Be curious, be open-minded and be humble.

20. If your studio had a motto, what would it be? 

Defy stereotypes and be true to our core values.