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We are proud to announce the launch of VAVA Home Cam, a security camera designed to make life simple. It is wire-free and only requires charging once a year! The VAVA Home Cam was designed to be friendly and inviting, like a friend helping you watch over your house. It is a safety sphere that embraces your quality of life, monitoring it, letting you be aware of your surroundings when you need to, so one can focus on the important parts of life – family, friends.

Thanks to SF Egotist for the shout out on the day of its Kickstarter campaign launch. It was 400% funded within 24 hours!

Y Studios unveils latest design for VAVA

By Egotist  |  August 22, 2018  |  SF Egotist

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San Francisco-based design firm Y Studios just unveiled their latest design for VAVA Home Cam. It’s wireless so you can easily move and mount it anywhere—indoors and outdoors, or take it on the road. It’s weather proof, has super night vision, motion detection, and more.