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Designing the Difference : Giving Your Hardware Startup a Creative Edge

Have you ever wondered what sets design-oriented companies apart?

As part of the San Francisco Design Week 2017, Y Studios hosted a panel discussion with four of our distinguished clients – Camellia Labs (Chime Chai Brewer), Marble (Ground Delivery Robot), VAVA (Bluetooth speakers and Dash Camera) and Voga Coffee (Ground Control Batch Coffee Brewer).

The founders talked about how design helped them create products and customer experiences that elevate their businesses. Not only did attendees learn about each company’s struggles and successes, they also got to experience their products during the demo session.

Listening to the process, struggles, and experiences the founders went through to bring their visions to life, offered an in-depth look into their world. Y Studios is extremely proud to be a part of their journey. Our close collaboration with each company delivered on optimal design solutions that fulfilled the founders’ unique vision for their products.

We focus on Culture-Driven Design, cross-pollinating creativity across cultures, design disciplines, and industries. Through countless explorations, tests and what-if scenarios, Y Studios' attention to the user experience sets us apart from many design studios. 

Thanks to thorough research of currents trends, we are able to bring together the key values of our design philosophy – utility, beauty, and meaning – qualities that we like to actualize into everything we design. 

A big thank you to our speakers: Camellia Labs, Marble, VAVA and Voga Coffee for their support and making this a memorable event. Connect with them here: @brewchime @marblerobot @letsvava @groundcontrl

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